BioLargo (BLGO): An Important Play on Wound Care
Published Tuesday, April 24, 2012 by Ryan Allway
BioLargo Inc. (OTCBB: BLGO), a company focused on leveraging Nature’s Best Solution® - iodine – to solve a variety of common problems around the world, operating in industries dominated by giants such as Chemtura Corp (NYSE: CHMT) and Polypore International Inc. (NYSE: PPO), also looks to have an important and potentially significant play in the wound management industry which should bode well for its commercial prospects.

In a recent blog post, BioLargo elaborated on this potential:

With the cost of chronic wound care rising, efforts are underway to improve prevention, early detection and treatment, as WSJ reports in today’s special report on innovation in health care. That’s good news for the makers of wound-care products: Research firm Kalorama Information projects the global market will rise to nearly $21 billion in 2015 from $16.8 billion this year.

The National Institute of Health also published a comprehensive report entitled, “Human Skin Wounds: A Major and Snowballing Threat to Public Health and the Economy”, which points out that close to seven million Americans suffer from chronic wounds and more than $25 billion is spent annually on their care.

Wound care is big business and, as these reports indicate, it is getting bigger.

So, why is BioLargo likely to become an important player in this industry? issued a comprehensive report early this year, Innovations in Wound Care Devices and Dressings is quoted, “Significant areas of development in the advanced wound dressing segment are within the areas of antimicrobials (silver, iodine, and honey) hydrocolloids and hydrogels. “ Pointing out the increasing focus by industry on iodine and similar technologies.

BioLargo has developed unique iodine solutions aimed to source and deliver “free-iodine” on demand. The company’s CupriDyne® solution works by combining minerals with water from any source to deliver “free-iodine” in controlled dosages, in order to balance efficacy of disinfectant or odor control performance with concerns about toxicity. It appears to offer numerous advantages to traditional iodine in that its environmentally-friendly products are both safe and effective, but still non-toxic and non-staining. BioLargo’s technology looks to be a perfect fit for the healthcare market, just as that industry is turning toward iodine, hydrocolloids and hydrogels that are safe and effective while helping avoid microbial resistance, as iodine is known to do.

BioLargo’s future in wound care looks to be both important and significant.
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